Admission notification 2021

02/03/2021 10:11 - Xem: 496

- Based on high school graduation exam results

- Based on high school learning and training results 

- Internship opportunities in JAPAN, AUSTRALIA, USA, ISRAEL

- Job opportunities after graduation:  Association to receive scholarships to encourage learning

- Exemptions, reductions, and supports according to policy

- Free support for accommodation in dormitories

1. Resource Management & Ecotourism

     Sector code: 7850101; Numbers: 50 students

2. Real Estate Business and Management

     Sector code: 7340116; Numbers: 50 students

3. Land Management

     Sector code: 7850103; Numbers: 50 students

4. Job opportunities

- Graduates of land management can work at the addresses of Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, in charge of the field of Land Management, Land Administration & Environment at People's Committees of wards, communes, townships..

Cadastral Technical Center, Archives Center, Land Legal Consultancy Center, Soil Research Center, Sub-Institute of Agricultural Planning and Design .

Urban Management Board or participate in teaching and research at universities and colleges with related training majors.

Real estate business center, real estate companies, real estate brokerage companies, management boards of land-related projects...

- Graduated with a major in Natural Resources and Environment Management Can work at Restaurants, Hotels, resorts, amusement parks.

Travel and Tourism Centers

Departments of Natural Resources and Environment

National Parks and Protected Areas

Natural Resources & Environment related companies

Real estate graduates can work at.

Provincial Departments of Natural Resources and Environment

Real Estate Valuation Offices, Land Valuation

Offices Apartment and Industrial Park Management Offices

Real Estate Trading Floors

Project Management Units related to land and real estate real estate

- Opportunities to approach and improve qualifications

Students majoring in Land and Real Estate Management are able to practice graduation at enterprises and are accepted by enterprises right after graduation.- Students of the Faculty of Resources Management have the opportunity to do internships, paid graduate internships in countries such as Israel, Japan, and Taiwan right from the second year (2 times in a 4-year course). Travel time from 08-12 months, income from 60 to 150 million VND/12 months.

- Students majoring in Resource Management and Ecotourism can choose to practice at Hotels and Restaurants in Germany, New Zealand for 8-12 months at a low cost. At the end of the internship, students can accumulate from 120-150 million VND and get to work at travel and tourism companies with which the faculty has signed a cooperation agreement.

Ms. Thuy Head of Faculty 0915509066 or zalo; SMS