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Cooperation research between University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Science (BOKU) and Falculty of Land management, TUAF in 2022

06/03/2022 16:06 - Xem: 125
BOKU is located in Vienna, Austria, the Austrian national University. BOKU has the main training programs related to sustainability and life sciences, concentrating on the application of scientific knowledge. Besides, the university's researches and education activities are centered on the creation of living spaces, environmental and resource management, nutritional security, and health

In terms of internaitonal cooperation activites, BOKU has worldwide partnerships and about 20% of its students are foreign. According to Prof. Hubert Hasenauer, BOKU places great value on the application of knowledge in actual life. Along with education, BOKU is a world-class research institution in the biological sciences, enabling the commercialization of scientific discoveries and fostering creative start-ups for its students. Meanwhile, Vietnam's agriculture urgently need to improve the technologies in agriculture, the creation of living space and ecosystem development in agricultural and rural regions.

To enhance the capability in agriculture sector, Dr Tran Thi Mai Anh is working as a team leader of the project: “Estimating the ecological requirements of Panax stipuleanatus for developing indices to map cultivation zones for high quality and yields in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam” between BOKU and Falcuty of Agriculture and Forestry. This is a joint research project selected by BMBWF AND MOST.

In order to plan the implementation of the collaborative project, Dr Tran Thi Mai Anh will visit BOKU in June, 2022 according to the BOKU’ invitation letter.