Succeces students from Falcuty of Resources Management

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      Graduated from University of Land Management, majoring in environmental geography from the Faculty of Resource Management at Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry in 2016, Cham Cong Hoang was on the list of 4-month reserve officers with a diploma. My knowledge of surveying and cartography learned in school, I helped my unit complete projects related to land, which was highly appreciated by the unit.

    In October 2016, HF Real Estate Co., Ltd was established, right at the start, Hoang was one of the first people to join the company's founding. The new company, not much experience, with the knowledge and equipment from the school, from the internship at the company, from the days in the army has helped me firmly overcome difficulties, grow up at work. . Together with the company, I have signed many projects related to extracting and correcting cadastral maps, measuring and drawing cadastral maps, making plans for land use planning, and construction. I completed every job very well and was assigned to be the leader of some important projects of the company.

                             Cham Cong Hoang at HF ​​Real Estate Co., Ltd.

    Not only succeeds for himself, but in the process of working, Hoang has connected with teachers in the Faculty of Resource Management to receive students from the Faculty's courses. to the company to practice, work part-time. Students who come to the company, are guided by dedicated instruction, are directly involved in projects, are paid hourly. Some graduates of the Faculty were introduced and accepted by him. Currently, 3 students of the Faculty have been officially accepted to work at the company.

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                        Students of the faculty work part-time at the company


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                  . Students can participate directly in the company's projects.

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After graduating, Trang was officially accepted by the company.

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                Phan Cong Lam, 45th QLDĐ class, new was accepted into the company

     Just graduated from college for 4 years, the career path with Hoang has just begun, what he has achieved is from his personal efforts, from his enthusiasm for the profession. Not only doing well for myself, I also have a sense of training my friends and juniors to follow, and create jobs for the students of the next course. 

   A few things are small but bring great meaning, I hope you and HF Real Estate Co., Ltd. will grow stronger and develop, Faculty's students have his example to follow. Teachers and friends are proud of you!

                                                                                    Dr. Vu Thi Thanh Thuy