Don't go to the University just to get a degree

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Having a great academic and research performance, Ms Tho, a Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry ’s alumnus, has a right passion job at the university

After 4 years of studying at TUAF with the major in Environment and Land management at the Faculty of Resource Management. Ms. Chu Thi Tho is ready for her next life journey.

By gaining many outstanding achievements in academics and scientific research activities, Tho has a right job at Center for Rural Development SMART- TUAF.


Chu Th Tho – holding her Bachelor degree of Environment and Land Management, TUAF.



A passion for doing scientific research

Having a thought that learning and practice must be together. Ms. Tho has always looked for opportunities to improve her expertise correlate with reality since she was a student. 

She, finally, found a chance for a research assistant in a scientific research project at the university level leaded by a young research group team in the Faculty of Resource Management in 2018-2019. After reading the recruitment announcement from the team, she did not hesitate to actively contact the team to be involved to a project named: 'A study on the impact of mining on land and human resources in Trai Cau, Dong Hy District'.

Since joining the project, Tho experienced many activities with the research members such as writing research proposal,  mapping software application, field-work, applying farmer survey skills (interviewing, and collecting data...)

Tho said: “At the beginning, everything seemed to be very difficult because this was the first time I had real experience for my major, everything was new to me. However, new things attract me even more and give me the desire to discover and conquer. During the field work to collecting primary data, it was difficult for me to get information due to a different generation gap between local and me, and lacking of interview skills. These issues was solved after 1-2 times doing the same tasks.

Moreover, I also met many challenges in cleaning and coding data for analysis process because  of my limitation in using analysis software for research. However, I am not discouraged, trying to find out and learn from my research team, teachers and internet.

That first project was very meaningful to me, until now, I appreciate the difficulties that have helped me train myself and grow up”.       

Regarding the field of Environment and Land Management, Tho assumed that scientific research is an opportunity to experience reality, helps students to have real perspectives on life and have better goals for their future careers.

With that in mind, in 2019, Tho participated in a National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED) project as a research intern at. She had responsibilities for designing the questionnaire, doing field-trips, collecting primary data; analyzing data, writing a report for one main component of the project. This work then converted into her graduation thesis and received an excellently evaluation from the scientific council of the Faculty of Resource Management.

Collecting farmer survey data for her research and team

Tho said: “Thanks to research activities, I have a better understand about the difficulties in indigenous people’s lives. There are many people are illiterate, and a low education leads to the challenges for people's ability to escape poverty. This has encouraged me to participate in more and more rural development projects to develop effective livelihood models for poor communities in the Northern mountainous region, so that they can escape poverty, towards sustainable development goals”.

Being active in finding a job opportunities related to the study field.

Regarding the study experience at the university, Chu Thi Tho pointed out that it is necessary to define clear, serious and proactive study goals, because the knowledge in class is just the basic knowledge that does not ensure you to have a job after graduation. recruitment sectors need more than that. Hence, students need involve more extracurricular activities to practice mentally and physically, to improve soft skills and networks.

Tho belived that students should actively participate in extracurricular activities, scientific research for strengthening academic and soft skills.


Participating in extracurricular activities, social activities, and volunteering is the free soft skills training courses for students. These activities will assist young generation avoid the wasted time for computer games and become more confident, proactive and active facing with many issues. As a result, they are able to adapt quickly with new working environment.

Tho stated that “A bachelor's degree is only one of requirements for a job position, employers will expect to see how you can apply your knowledge into work, your soft skills, extracurricular activities, experience,... .You will get a priority If you have a great scientific research performance.

Chu Thi Tho believes that students should find a job related to their field of study while they are still sitting in university desks. This is an opportunity for you to learn in the most meaningful way, because "there is no more valuable lesson than a practical lesson".

Tho mentioned: “Besides, doing scientific research and studying at TUAF, I worked part-time at a real estate company in the 3rd year student. After that, I did an internship at the Hi-tech Agriculture and Forestry R&D Center (HACEN) of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry.

After graduating, with great academic and scientific research achievements, I was introduced to work at SMART - Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry. I have applied, successfully applied and worked here for the past 1 year.

I have a thought that “if students only focus fully on studying, they are bookworms, it will be difficult for them to succeed after graduation”

With a endeavor spirit, Chu Thi Tho gained many achievements during her study such as Vu A Dinh prize; Tho TUAF’s outstanding student in 2018, 2019; one Certificate of Merit from President of Thai Nguyen University for outstanding student in 2019; and many Certification for the contribution to the activities of TUAF’s youth union and student association. Additionally, in 2021, Tho is a co-author for an international journal in the list of ISI: “Review of climate change impacts on rice production in the Mekong delta of Vietnam, responses and management strategies”.

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